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  • What is a tandoor?
  • What is a typical Indian meal?
  • Are all Indian dishes spicy?
  • Is everything vegetarian?
  • Do you serve alcohol?
  • What is curry?
  • Are all Indian dishes curried dishes?
  • What are aloo and saag?
  • What are kheer, kulfee and gulab jamun?
  • What is naan?
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    In most parts of the world, naan is a generic name for flat bread...

    Indian naan is a leavened flatbread baked in the Tandoor oven until hot, but still delicately soft and fluffy. Sometimes the naan is stuffed with vegetables like a paneer kulcha, stuffed with cheese, herbs and spices, or garlic, or ground lamb, fresh ginger and cilantro, as in keema naan.

    Plain or stuffed, naan compliments every Indian meal.