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  • What is a tandoor?
  • What is a typical Indian meal?
  • Are all Indian dishes spicy?
  • Is everything vegetarian?
  • Do you serve alcohol?
  • What is curry?
  • Are all Indian dishes curried dishes?
  • What are aloo and saag?
  • What are kheer, kulfee and gulab jamun?
  • What is naan?
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    A Tandoor is a traditional Indian oven.

    It is made of thick clay, about 3 feet in diameter like a hollow barrel. It may be coal, wood or even gas fired and burns from the base, to heat the inner wall of the oven to temperatures around 900F. It is used to cook marinated meats, fish and seafood, as well as for baking incredible breads like naan, kulcha and paratha. The Tandoor has both coal and gas fired ovens for authentic Indian cookery,